In both of our priority service areas REACH and KKDIK regulation, which is  the harmonization of REACH, , different products ranging from chemicals (substances alone or in preparations) to articles depending upon sectorial use are subject to different sets of regulations and compliance is a “MUST” to maintain market position, let alone grow offerings in regional markets served. As RGS, we provide general consultancy services to companies in various sectors, both Turkish and international, in the fields of chemistry and similar industries.  In the event  companies cannot determine their own obligations, we ensure that the necessary assessments are made regarding their  products, to define the product and the liabilities according to the regulation.  RGS is an expert in REACH/KKDIK enforcement processes with its  knowledge on the regulations and and its practicalities  and has a strong track record of work  experience in the chemical industry. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our General Consultancy Services.