As part of the harmonization efforts with the EU PIC Regulation and the effective implementation of the Rotterdam Convention in Turkey, Ministry of Environmental Urbanisation and Climate Change has published the "Regulation on Export and Import of Hazardous Chemicals" in the Official Gazette dated January 28, 2023. Pursuant to the Article 8 of the Regulation, companies are obliged to provide information to the Ministry in the first quarter of each year on the quantities exported or imported.  
In this context, after the identification of substances and or, products in the category of mixtures or articles containing these substances, that exported or imported to the countries that are parties to the Rotterdam Convention, export notifications must be made to the Ministry through the EÇBS system.
Within the scope of the Regulation, the Turkish exporters must submit an export notification to the Ministry at least 35 days before the first export is due to take place. Following the export notification, companies must provide information to the Ministry each year regarding the quantities exported/imported until the end of the first quarter (31 March).
RGS has added Export Notification services to its range of activities within the framework of “Regulation on Export and Import of Hazardous Chemicals” compliance. Since 2008, RGS continues to provide its vast experience on EU REACH and CLP to other Turkish Chemical legislations.
Our Services;
  • Submission of Export Notifications via e-ÖBK System
  • Submission of annual Import / Export declarations via e-ÖBK System.
  • Follow-Up of regulatory updates
  • SDS preparation by certified RGS professionals
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