EU REACH authorities do require to have information about the substances taking place on the EU  market, and do carry out their inspections with the principle of "NO REGISTRATION= NO MARKET". As a consequence EU REACH authorities are increasingly exerting their pressure on the suppliers for compliance with the REACH Regulation.

Registration is required for the substances planned to be placed on the EU market with 1 t or more per year, unless exempted. Hence, EU importers need the products, that can be in the category of substance, mixture and article and supplied to the EU market to be assessed  by professional and competent consultants in accordance with the obligations the REACH Legislation. 

Due to this need arising in the international market as per the regulation, RGS provides non-EU companies  REACH A&C service, where the raw materials obtained from their suppliers are carefully examined for their compliance, company is advised on what needs to be done to ensure compliance and the continuity of it and where compliance certificates are provided as a result of the assessments for companies to smoothly enter the EU market.

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